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Welcome to Elephant & Castle, a brand new country nestled in the heart of London! Since ceding from the UK two years ago to pursue recreational rights, the young nation of Elephant & Castle has blossomed into an eclectic, diverse, glorious nation. We've even managed to retain our EU status, which has become a major draw for tourism and immigration! We are aware that there have been some rumblings about possible reclamation efforts from the UK, but as our newly elected Citizen Tribunal recently announced, "That definitely won't happen...probably!"

Race against the clock with newcomers CrushRoom's exciting immersive event. The fate of the entire nation rests in your hands. Will you lead an unstoppable rebellion, lead your fellow patriots to safety, smuggle yourself under the radar, or succumb to the oppressive tyranny of paperwork? The choice is yours, but remember: no man is an island.

Join us at the Elephant & Castle Bureau of Immigration and Emigration to become an Elephantonian today!


 COLAB Tavern, 16 Harper Rd, SE1 6AD


 June 1-31 2021, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Sold in pods:
2 for £32, 4 for £53, 6 for £69
Press Night: June 8 at 7:30pm


Delivers a real punch. This production has vitality and youth in spades. The participation and enthusiastic acting came together brilliantly, and a group effort steered the fortunes of the young nation in ways that would resonate forever through Elephant and Castle’s imagined history. It allowed the audience’s creativity to shine and be reflected back.”

~ LondonTheatre1

"This show did not miss a beat, I've only dreamed of being this good straight out of the gate. Do not miss Sovereign Song."

~Audience Review

Engaging, smart, and fun. CrushRoom’s enjoyable immersive show is full of exciting ideas with lots of potential. Overall it’s a very entertaining (and well-priced) evening of collaborative fun with some absolutely brilliant moments. It’s a strong offering from a new company, which shows many signs of good things to come. ”

~The Stage

The perfect antidote after lockdown, this is the ideal night out to ease back into theatre with an immersive experience that’s both Covid-secure while making you feel part of the community.”

~ Sidetrack.London


How is the show COVID-19 safe?

What is a "Pod"?

Where are the toilets?

What hygiene and cleaning is in place?

What is provided in regards to PPE?

What is there in regards to parking? 

What is your refund policy?

Why are all these measures in place?

Colab have implemented a comprehensive list of guidelines and actions based on Government advice. These can be found here.

Tickets are bought as ‘pods’, this is either 2, 4 or 6 people who are comfortable being under 1m from each other. These groups will largely be seated and socially distanced from the other audience members. There are a few sections of movement in which facilitated and will occur to social distanced areas.

Performers will come to the audience and lead them through various sections. Audiences will be able to interact with the world and each other through phonecalls.

A Risk Assessment for the COLAB Tavern can be found here.
This assessment has been put together in accordance to Government advice in reagrds to indoor performances.

So a pod is a group/household of people that are comfortable social distancing together. For Sovereign Song this will be either 2, 4 or 6 people. This is the group that you will be working with throughout the experience. You will solve riddles, play games and negotiate within this group. Smaller groups will work with other smaller groups however they will remained distanced form them.

We will require an address in order for us to process the ticket and we retain the right to ask for proof of address and refuse entry to anyone who we feel is in breach of the guidelines that have been laid out by ourselves or the Government.

Facilities will be divided up via the three rooms. Therefore it is one toilet per room (10 to 12 people). We ask that you don’t use any other toilet save the one assigned to your room. Each one will be stocked with soap, disposable wipes and hand sanitiser.

Hand sanitiser will also be provided as people enter into the space and we ask that everyone goes to wash their hand.

A disinfectant spray is used nightly to sanitise the space.
It is left for 12 hours to fight any bacteria and germs that have have settled on surfaces. We all also disinfect all props and materials before every show to reduce risk of passing germs. We ill encourage audience members to carry round bacterial wipes and clean as they go, this will allow each person to take control of their own hygiene whilst in the space.

Props, furniture and phones will be cleaned on a daily basis and audience will be encouraged to use all the antibacterial wipes provided to “clean as they go”, this will dramatically help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

We will provide masks to anyone who does not bring their own PPE, as well as gloves and visors for the actors. However we encourage all audiences members to bring their own masks which they can wear throughout the performance. We will insist on wearing masks throughout the performance.

We ask that anyone who is not able to wear a mask for medical or personal reasons to email us privately on so other arrangements can be made.

Every audience member will be required to take a infrared temperature check before entering. If they are above the normal body temperature then they will be asked to leave and a full refund provided to them (see refund policy below).

Audiences will be tested with an infrared thermometer before they enter into the building, anyone who is above the standard and safe body temperature will be sent home with their group, tickets will be fully refunded.

There is no parking on sight however in the local area there are many parking spaces (including just outside the pub) in which you can park on a weekend or after 6.30pm on Monday - Friday. This allows you to come by car should you wish, allowing you to avoid public transport.

At this uncertain time we understand the need to be flexible with our ticketing. The ability to undertake this performance could be withdrawn at any time and audiences may deem it unsafe or begin isolation after purchasing tickets. We therefore are offering full refunds to anyone who is/feels unable to attend the performance.

By law we are required to take every precaution that is reasonably practicable in order protect audience, staff and performers. If you have any issues then please do email us to ask questions.

By purchasing a ticket for our production you are agreeing to abide by the rules that have been laid out by the venue then you will be asked to leave without a refund.