CrushRoom, as an international organisation, is fully committed to being representative, diverse
and a place of opportunity for all theatre-makers regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation,
race, disability, economic standing or faith. In our work, we are driven by the aspiration to be as
inclusive as possible in the long-term and employ those who have had limited accessibility to a
potential theatrical career. This statement is supported by CrushRoom’s active choices when
auditioning or hiring cast/crew, and when partnering with theatrical venues.

At CrushRoom, we are constantly evaluating ourselves and whether we are doing enough to
include diverse perspectives in our work development. We aim to foster a culture of attracting
diverse audience members from all walks of life and making theatre that does not alienate,
exclude or segregate.


        • We aim to operate in wheelchair accessible venues and, if this is not possible due to the
          physical restrictions of the space, we hope to accommodate and alter the space as much
          as possible (in open communication with both audience members and venues) to allow
          people access to the venue.
        • We offer free tickets to carers for audience members who can only attend when bringing
          a carer.
        • We aim to offer relaxed performances for neurodivergent audience members and other
          sensory experiences of our works including touch tours and audio descriptions.
        • We do not discriminate when hiring cast/crew regarding gender, age, sexual orientation,
          race, disability, economic standing or faith. We only hire those who share the same
          commitment to diversity and equality.
        • Sexist, racist, abelist, homophobic, transphobic and other derogatory language and/or
          behaviour is never tolerated under any circumstances. This will be met with immediate
          removal and/or legal consequences.
        • We offer space for feedback and dialogue about how we, as a company, can become
          more inclusive. We have an anonymous feedback page on our company website to
          facilitate discussions surrounding diversity.


We know that CrushRoom can always do more when championing diversity and equality; the
fight for inclusion and understanding is continuous. In adopting this policy, CrushRoom is
making an unequivocal commitment to implementing wherever we operate nationally. We take
complaints incredibly seriously and have high expectations that, wherever we operate, our
collaborators commit to these same principles. This will be achieved by open, direct


CrushRoom Theatre is committed to enacting, promoting and developing environmental
sustainability in all our practices and in partnership with venues across the UK and

We endeavour to encourage open dialogue with collaborators, partners, artists and venues
regarding reducing our carbon emissions and overall effect of our planet. We commit to
monitor and reduce our energy levels in accordance with new legislative sustainable
developments and, do more than the bare minimum when implementing environmental


        • CrushRoom has fully committed to using sustainable, recycled (thrifted) materials
          when constructing set design, costumes and props.
        • Working with ethical and environmental suppliers and venues when sourcing
          materials - communicating and insisting upon our environmental goals to contractors
          and other staff.
        • Installing energy efficient lighting in our partner venues.
        • Reducing production waste e.g. removing plastic materials from venues, using digital
          marketing and conserving natural resources e.g. wood, water, energy paper - zero
          waste to landfills.
        • Informing, training and motivating stuff to uphold our sustainable policies and
          promote them in their own practices.
        • Promoting the use of public transport, for cast, crew and audience members, by
          servicing local communities.
        • Undertaking energy case studies after each performance run to identify areas for
          improvement and understand how we, as a company, use and produce energy.
        • Committing to develop and expand upon these policies when new sustainable
          legislation or practices become apparent and proven to affect the environment


As CrushRoom develops, we have to unequivocally prove that, by our measures mentioned
above, we are wholeheartedly committed to leaving this planet better than we found it. We
hope to inspire the venues we work with, and our collaborative partners, to commit to
sustainable responsibility, shown in their own Environmental Policies and personal

We plan to release our environmental case studies after every show run and assert how
CrushRoom worked openly with venues to develop their own sustainable practices. As the
company develops, we hope to be assessed by Julie’s Bicycle (Creative Green
Assessment) to highlight our ongoing commitment to understanding, reducing and
communicating our environmental impact.