CrushRoom is a London-based international collective of theatre-makers, committed to championing diversity and sustainability in our art, creative practices and work methodologies. We draw inspirations from every creative subsect (literature, music, drama etc.) and aim to create unique artistic experiences by creating unexpected, innovative fusions of art within local
communities. Founded during the 2020 pandemic, CrushRoom understands the absolute necessity for theatre to empower, inspire and excite local audiences; thereby, the stories we embody and the characters we create aspire to recontextualise real-world issues and remind
our audiences of their importance, of their power and of their potential to do great things for themselves and for this world.

Nearly being destroyed only made us stronger! The way we work was strongly influenced by restriction, distance and frustration! Therefore, our company methodology was founded on principles of respect, communication and commitment. Things have changed a bit since 2020, but these facets still resonate within our work and shape how we create.

  • We consistently ask, how can the theatre we make influence our current societal landscape? How can we as a theatre company, make work that resonates with small communities and offer an alternative mode of existing which is more diverse, sustainable and artistic!
  • We continue to make work that evokes and exemplifies the nature of humanity. By tackling humanitarian issues such as politics, history and environmentalism, we continue to show how art is necessary in shaping and provoking change.
  • Our work is accessible and diverse - everyone is welcome to a CrushRoom show and, through our collaborators and audience, we resolve to champion equality and fight against prejudice in all forms.
  • Our work is often immersive, taking care of the audience is a top priority! You are active participants, therefore you are members of CrushRoom! We commit to ensuring your wellbeing, as well as our own, maintaining open dialogue and welcoming feedback about any form of accommodation.
  • CrushRoom is a non-hierarchical organisation - all ideas are valid (silly, serious, serendipitous etc), which includes suggestions made by collaborators and participants. The space we work in is open and fluid - we create work together.
  • Music is a huge part of the CrushRoom credo. Therefore we commit to sharing all music, all the time! You never know where inspiration can hit.
  • Ultimately, we work with respect, love and admiration. We come into the space with open hearts and minds and request that our audience does the same. When you see a CrushRoom show, you know it has been carefully curated to represent all demographics with understanding and tolerance.
    CrushRoom is a ground-breaking, taboo-smashing, fun-loving organisation that aims to provide a joyous, moving and provoking night-out for theatre lovers and newbies alike! Ultimately, we are all human and together we have the power to question why this world is the way it is and
    what we, as a wonderful global community, can do to make it better for ourselves and for the Earth.

We look forward to seeing you at our next show!