For the future and Earth

‘After the Flood’ 2023 is CrushRoom’s ongoing creative project, drawing inspiration from our 2020 production, and various literary sources. We're going bigger, better and much more experimental.

CrushRoom is currently in the process of applying for funding with a focus on the artists and creatives we will collaborate with in this new iteration. 

We hope to expand the contextual landscape of the ‘After the Flood’ world, immersing participants in this dystopian landscape and delving into what form or shapes or frequencies music will take when all that was once known has been destroyed.

Ultimately, CrushRoom’s vision is profoundly green with an emphasis on people rather than things. This production intends to leave the world in better shape than before - we’re talking thrifted materials, recycled set pieces and a shared commitment to an eco-conscious production process. We hope to collaborate with diverse global creatives who will bring their unique experiences and artistry to the first gig after the end of the world.

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