CrushRoom has a simple creed; we come from everywhere - UK, Australia, Denmark, USA - and our dedication to the arts stems from a multitude of different places - literature, music, comedy, musical theatre etc.

We wish to blend and dive into each facet of the arts which excites and inspires us - creating new forms of theatre which pays homage to performers and creatives across the globe.

  • Our vision is to create theatre which rises from the ashes of the post-pandemic world (in the least pretentious way possible). We want to tackle the tough questions of what can theatre look like once nearly destroyed, and how can it be used to change the landscape of our new creative future.
  • The place of art in this new world is contentious, thereby we will continue to stress how vital it is for the wellbeing of humanity. Politics, history, socialism are often subjects that seem out of reach - art is an accessible way to recontextualise these issues - thereby our work is intended for people from all demographics. Everyone is welcome.
  • In our shows we also prioritise taking care of the audience. Your comfortability is crucial to ensure that everyone is having a good time at a CrushRoom show. We welcome feedback about how to accommodate everyone's needs. 
  • We work in a non-hierarchical fashion - all ideas are valid and have the potential to be explored (no matter how silly - the sillier the better) - the audience are on the same level as us, by being in the space we are creating work together
  • Music of any kind is encouraged - any musical inspiration found MUST be shared with the group, no matter how embarrassing or “lame,” keeping your songs to yourself is UNACCEPTABLE 
  • Respect each other - encourage each other - lift each other up - we create together and we share the same vision
  • Be prepared for anything, come with an open mind and an open heart

CrushRoom is proud to be creating the theatre of tomorrow by challenging preconceptions of post-pandemic work.

By contextualising thorny humanitarian issues in a safe space, we hope to make lasting change in the industry, hosting both a good night out and one that allows the audience to question why the world is the way it is and what we can do to change it. Our mode of working welcomes any and all persons to join our process and party with us. We hope to see you soon.